10 Jun 2017

Prevent qmake from installing test cases

If you use qmake to build your Qt based projects and at the same time the QtTest framework to write unit tests, you might have run into a strange behavior:

Generated Makefiles have an installs feature, which mainly is used on Unix like operating systems to install a previously compiled project. Normally you would expect the installs feature only puts your libraries and executable files into the target location. However, unit tests also get installed by default - which, usually, is not what’s wanted, right?

Fortunately, it’s quite easy to tell qmake not to install unit tests by default, simply add the no_testcase_installs configuration switch to your unit test’s .pro file:

TARGET   = my_unit_test
CONFIG  += console testcase no_testcase_installs
QT      += testlib
# ...

That should already do the trick ;-)

Thank You For Reading
Martin Hoeher

I am a software/firmware developer, working in Dresden, Germany. In my free time, I spent some time on developing apps, presenting some interesting findings here in my blog.

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